The Orignal LP Racks available in the UK

New - V35S and Plastic LP-MIX racks

Lower pricing for 2015


Wild World Reptiles is proud to be the sole UK supplier and distributor of the LP range of products.

We get regular shipments of racks from LP and aim to keep the most popular in stock in the UK.

When purchasing LP Racks from us you will get:

  • Fully heated racks using UK approved mats and Habistat Pulse thermostats (or upgrade to digital)
  • UK power and plugs
  • Guaranteed pricing (No currency fluctuation)
  • Fast shipping of in stock items

All in stock products and standard racks are available on our online shop at
To order any other product then please get in touch and we will add it to our next shipment.
We are more than happy to quote for custom sizes of rack.

The full range can be seen at

LP3 Demo rack